per|son|al1 [ `pɜrsənl ] adjective ***
▸ 1 your own
▸ 2 private
▸ 3 aimed at one person
▸ 4 with direct relationship
▸ 5 done by someone themselves
1. ) usually before noun used about your own opinions or feelings:
My own personal view is that boxing should be banned.
Choosing a new car is a matter of personal preference.
a ) used about events or experiences in your life:
her own personal tragedy
Most writers use personal experience as the basis for their novels.
b ) used about things that you own:
Many of her personal belongings had been stolen.
Every scrap of personal property was removed from his pockets.
c ) used about services or objects that you do not share with anyone else:
I've decided to hire a personal trainer.
He has his own personal telephone in his bedroom.
2. ) private and not known or available to most people:
This is a personal matter and does not concern you.
a personal conversation/letter
for personal reasons: She quit her job for personal reasons.
personal problems (=ones concerning your relationships or health): He's had a few personal problems recently.
a ) someone's personal life the part of someone's life relating to things such as their sexual and family relationships, instead of their job:
My personal life is not the issue here.
3. ) aimed at one particular person, in an unfriendly or offensive way:
He saw her comments as a personal attack.
a ) get personal INFORMAL to start being deliberately unkind or insulting:
Let's not get personal about this.
4. ) only before noun involving a direct relationship between two people who know each other:
The two leaders had a good personal relationship.
Sue and Harry are close personal friends.
personal chemistry (=strong feelings when two people have a very special close relationship): the unique personal chemistry between twins
5. ) done by a person directly, instead of by a representative:
The Dixie Chicks will be making a personal appearance at the awards ceremony.
the president's personal involvement in the project
a ) used for describing something that is friendly and shows your personality:
Her visit to my office was a nice personal touch.
per|son|al 2 [ `pɜrsənl ] noun
1. ) personal or personal ad count a short advertisement put in a newspaper or magazine by someone who is looking for friendship or a sexual or romantic relationship
2. ) the personals plural a list of private advertisements or messages in a newspaper or magazine

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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